About the company

European trading company Industrial Technologies Bielefeld GmbH was initiated in 2016 and established in Bielefeld, Germany. Our main activity is the export of industrial machinery, hydraulic equipment and tools for metalworking from Europe and China to all over the world.
The number of trade organizations and wholesale companies that we work with is regularly getting bigger, which is contributed to a lot of competence and responsibility of our employees and to implementation of innovation techniques in commercial business.
For the last years the turnover of our company has been tripled, while the staff
has been doubled.
We share work experience in international trade with our partners, develop original brands for them optimize new marketing strategies and original distribution schemes. It gives our partners
an opportunity to get to a higher level and to become widely known.
Industrial Technologies Bielefeld GmbH’s mission:
We fulfill our clients’ requests ensuring competence, reliability and short terms. What helps us to succeed is:
• Deep knowledge of the market and constant monitoring of its changes.
• Responsibility and professionalism of the staff.
• Timely implementation of innovations and up-to-date solutions.
• Long-term partnership with our clients and partners.
• Remaining highly competitive on the European market.
Industrial Technologies Bielefeld GmbH offers:
• Certified industrial products.• Solution of all transport and customs issues.
• Consulting and brand development for European manufacturers.
• Worldwide delivery of goods from Germany and other European countries.
With Industrial Technologies Bielefeld GmbH it’s fast, safe and profitable!