Technology transfer

We support various research teams and labs in their R&D activities.  We assist researchers in promotion of scientific and technical solutions promising for further commecialization. We facilitate transferring innovative solutions from R&D to industry.


Current proposals


1. Innovative technology of cleaning of the surfaces from rust and scale.

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2. Radon detector and ecological monitors.

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3. Microwave occupancy sensors.

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4. Prevention the icing of overhead power transmission lines.

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5. Flat One technology - Full control of your home from mobile devices.

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6. Intro-MicroTM technology for in-vivo removal of fractured endodontic instrument by means of contact micro-welding.

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Electric vehicle charging stations

A plant for separation of frozen fish blocks into detached trunks

Precision power units for application in analytical instruments

Automated plant for mechanical purification of water

Hardware-software system for model-based analysis and optimization of metalworking processes with account of machine tool dynamics