Research and development

Research and development

  • Innovative manufacturing solutions for improving quality and reducing the cost of your product

  • Arrangement of outsourcing and contract works on design & manufacturing, physical & engineering calculations, mathematical modeling and numerical simulation 


Currently we are working in the following areas: 

  • Material science and material processing (main accent on steels and alloys, including materials with shape memory effect)
  • Energetics, energy saving technologies
  • Machine-building (including electrical machines), construction

The subjects mentioned above are only our basic specializations, we work with projects in other areas as well.


We suggest to work according to the following plan: 

1. You – give us your current problems in science and engineering developments.

2. We – analyze your problems and decide what we can solve and what we can’t.

3. For the problems which we can solve we send you the commercial offer - time, price, description of the results expected.

4. If our commercial offer satisfies you, we make an agreement  on execution of work.

5. As a result of our work we provide you with a solution (including specimens and materials) for your examination, or examination by independent experts.

6. If the results satisfy you, you pay us.


 This scheme is not a dogma. We are a flexible company and are open for discussion of possible  interactions.

We cooperate with leading universities, research centers and laboratories in the organization of outsourcing and contract work on physical & engineering calculations, mathematical modeling, numerical simulation , etc.