Technology transfer

Precision power units for application in analytical instruments

Innovative value of solution

  • Novelty in circuit design
  • Modularity

Areas of application

  • Analytical instruments
  • Hi-tech gaging systems

Capabilities and competitive strengths

  • Output voltage: up to 5000 V
  • High stability of output parameters: voltage drift does not exceed 10 ppm/h
  • High controllability
  • Bipolarity
  • Modularity

Current status of the development

  • A set of R&D is completed
  • Working prototypes have been manufactured and passed a number of tests
  • Control software has been developed
  • Utility model application has been filed in Russia
  • There are a company and corresponding team in Russia for further R&D and expansion of production volume


  • Launch a pilot production and acquire EU and Russian certificates
  • Market the products and build a stock of orders
  • Launch full-scale production and sales (as a long-term)