Technology transfer

Hardware-software system for model-based analysis and optimization of metalworking processes with account of machine tool dynamics


Principle of operation

Operation principle of the system is based on preliminary diagnostics of machine tools (Fig. 1) and detecting features of their work under various cutting conditions (such as wobbling, vibrations etc.) caused by wear of the equipment and particular qualities of specific details. The above information makes it possible to simulate various cutting modes as applied to the specific task, and select the optimal set of process parameters (such as axis velocity, rotation, cutting angle, tool geometry etc.) in order to provide a combination of higher productivity and quality of processing.

Innovative value of solution

The software is protected by Russian Certificate of state registration №2013617843.


Areas of application

  • Metalworking industry


Capabilities and competitive strengths


  • Taking account of processed material properties
  • Taking account of a work spindle specific parameters
  • Taking account of a cutting tool specific parameters
  • Taking account of equipment vibrations and workpiece properties simultaneously
  • Computer simulation of the expected surface

Fig. 1. Machine tool diagnostics

Application of this system makes it possible to significantly reduce defective production, expenditures for cutting tools and number of processing steps.


  • Fine-tune the System in order to enhance its accuracy and versatility
  • Market the System and start selling of licenses